Exploring the surroundings

Oristano e dintorni: Spiagge del Sinis

Apart from being so rich in terms of history, culture and natural beauty, Oristano is a rather interesting tourist destination also thanks to the many wonderful places located only a few kilometers away from the city. Indeed, the province of Oristano is one capable of giving endless joy and unforgettable emotions, basically for everyone. Below […]

What to eat in Oristano

Varied and rich and diverse delicacies, Oristano’s traditional cuisine, bound to both farming traditions and to the sea, is a true explosion of flavors and fragrances expressing all the might of the history and culture of Mediterranean populations, which over the course of millennia and over generations, have allowed Sardinian culinary tradition to be enriched […]

Oristano and sport

Oristano is a true open-air gym. With its territory almost sandwiched between silent ponds, soft hills, a large river and the immense sea, this city is a privileged place for practicing sports. In 2019, the city of Oristano won the title of European City of Sports, a coveted acknowledgment assigned by ACES Europe to cities […]

Museums and cultural places

Ever since ancient times, the territory where Oristano currently stands has always been suitable for human settlement. The hinterland, fertile to cultivate and ideal for grazing, its clay-laden subsoil, the many brackish ponds rich and full of fish, its central position and the presence of a natural harbor, allowed early inhabitants of the island to […]

A Stroll in the Old Town

A stroll in the old town of Oristano is equivalent to a journey deep within the many eras that the city underwent in its history, ever since its earliest times. Along its silent streets and within the historical center’s museums, it is possible to come across live testimonies dating back to the medieval era, such […]

Sea in Oristano: Torre Grande

Torre Grande is the marina of Oristano. It is only a few minutes away from the city, lying on the coast north of the Gulf of Oristano and squeezed between the mouth of the Tirso river and the pretty tourist port. It offers the big city a long, equipped golden beach, a shady promenade and […]

The Sartiglia

 On the last Sunday and Tuesday of Carnival, Oristano comes alive with its most important event: the Sartiglia. The Sartiglia is an event held in Oristano for centuries now, and it is the biggest equestrian festival in all of Sardinia, as well as one of the most popular in all of Italy. The event is […]

Oristano in 3 days

Oristano is a small town located on the west coast of Sardinia, in a central position which makes it easily accessible from any area. With a population slightly exceeding 30,000 inhabitants, Oristano is quiet a city to live, providing an excellent quality of life to its citizens and to those visiting it. Oristano has a […]