Discover Oristano

Exploring the surroundings

Apart from being so rich in terms of history, culture and natural beauty, Oristano is a rather interesting tourist destination also thanks to the many wonderful places located only a few kilometers away from the city.

Indeed, the province of Oristano is one capable of giving endless joy and unforgettable emotions, basically for everyone.

Below you will get to know everything about the province’s main points of interest, to be visited while comfortably staying in Oristano.


Beaches of the Sinis

The beaches located in the Sinis area are absolutely must-see for all lovers of the sea and of heavenly beaches.

Among the very best ones, we should mention San Giovanni beach (where the ruins of Tharros are also located), the quartz beaches (made up of small quartz rocks, such as Is Arutas, Mari Ermi and Maimoni), the Island of Mal di Ventre and Putzu Idu.

Oristano e dintorni: Spiagge del Sinis
Oristano e dintorni: Pozzo di Santa cristina


Well of Santa Cristina and Nuraghe Losa

The province of Oristano is so rich in must-see archeological sites for all kinds of history lovers.

Among many, we should highlight the Parco Archeologico di Santa Cristina, where the homonymous Pozzo Sacro stands. You may admire this well in the picture to the side.

This area is also rich in Nuraghis, among which one of the most striking is definitely the Nuraghe Losa.


Hotsprings of Fordongianus

The Terme di Fordongianus hotsprings are located on the shore of the Tirso river, and are of Roman origins. Even today, several springs are still present in which hot water flows, with a temperature of up to 54°C.

The structure is made up by two buildings: the first one dates back to the first century AC, the second one to the III century AC.

Oristano e dintorni: Terme di Fordongianus
Oristano e dintorni: Cabras


Cabras and its history

A few kilometers from Oristano stands Cabras, a town of ancient origins with a territory so rich in archaeological areas.

Apart from the presence of several nuraghi, the Cabras area indeed hosts the statuary complex of the Giants (the statues of which can now be visited at the Civic Museum), the ancient city of Tharros (already mentioned above) and the village of Cuccuru is Arrius.


S’Archittu and other beaches

Heading from Oristano to Cuglieri, you will find a series of breath-taking beaches, to say the least.

S’Archittu is among such beaches. It is named after the rocky arc-shaped cliff facing the sea. The small beach opposite to the cliff and the promenade make this small village one of the most interesting locations in the area.

Only a few kilometers away from S’Archittu, you will find further beautiful sea locations, such as Santa Cristina di Pittinuri and Torre del Pozzo.

Oristano e dintorni: S'Archittu
Oristano e dintorni: Bosa


The Village of Bosa

If you head further north, you will find Bosa, one of Sardinia’s most beautiful villages.

Dominated by a medieval castle, Bosa stands out for the presence of multicolored houses facing the Temo river, which crosses the city.

Bosa is also characterized by the presence of a vast beach, from which you may enjoy breath-taking sunsets.