Discover Oristano

Oristano in 3 days

Oristano is a small town located on the west coast of Sardinia, in a central position which makes it easily accessible from any area.

With a population slightly exceeding 30,000 inhabitants, Oristano is quiet a city to live, providing an excellent quality of life to its citizens and to those visiting it.

Oristano has a rather ancient history. Indeed, its territory has been inhabited by man since the pre-Nuragic and Nuragic eras. Due to this precise fact, the city can boast many must-see cultural points of interest.

Here are some tips for visiting all of Oristano in only 3 days, so you may enjoy your stay to the very fullest and truly experience our city.


Day 1

During your first day in Oristano, it is absolutely recommended to visit the old town, made up by dozens of monuments and plenty of museums.

Among the city’s main touristic attractions, we recommend you to see the Mariano II Tower, the Monument to Eleonora d’Arborea, the Cathedral, the Church of San Francesco and the Museo Antiquarium Arborense.

There are also many other attractions you should definitely visit in order to truly enjoy a walk through our streets, monuments and museums, which already act by themselves as true evidence of our city’s history and culture.


Day 2

Your second day in Oristano could very well be the one dedicated to culture and relax. You may begin with a tour of any monuments you still have to visit (you can find a handy list here), or follow one of our specific ad-hoc itineraries.

The afternoon can be dedicated to your relax, with a visit to the iconic Torre Grande. Based on the weather, you may enjoy a day on the beach or a nice drink in the kiosks along the seafront, while tasting our typical dishes in the many restaurants nearby.


Day 3

Thanks to its excellent geographical position, Oristano allows to reach many points of interest in only a few minutes.

Indeed, the Oristano area is full to the brim of must-see attractions both natural and cultural, so you’ll have plenty of choice.

Below are just a few examples: the Sinis beaches, the Nuraghi, S.Cristina’s well, the Giganti di Mont’e Prama, the roman hot springs of Fordongianus, ecc.


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