Oristano in Spring

Every season is perfect for visiting the city of Oristano. The city’s ideal position in the Campidano Arborense, between the waters of the Tirso river and the large Gulf of Oristano, together with its mild climate and millenary history, make it an interesting destination all year long, one that will never feel trivial.

With its immense wealth in terms of culture, art, history, nature, sports, and food and wine, Oristano offers its visitors a unique, new and fascinating experience, in all seasons.

One may just think about visiting the old town, the foundations of which date all the way back to the Middle Ages, in order to experience journeys through time made possible by many museums holding millenary treasures, seeing all the artisan workshops of potters telling of an ancient tradition going all the way back to the Neolithic, discovering of works of art preserved within the old walls of civil and religious buildings, being part of historical events held for centuries now, tasting typical dishes of tradition to be served based on seasons… all this is just a small part of what you can do here.

Winter, spring, summer, autumn makes no difference. It is always the right season to discover Oristano.

In this article, you will get to know everything about the best activities for making your spring in Oristano truly memorable.


The Infiorata

Spring in Oristano opens with the Infioratas, which are colorful ornamental carpets hand-woven by real artists using only plant and floral elements. These wonderful creations of colored salt and fragrant flowers branch out along the streets and squares of the village of Torre Grande, a few kilometers from Oristano, offering a joyful spectacle to all visitors.

Over time, Infioratas went from being a simple popular custom to becoming a sublime artistic form, with the ambition of keeping alive the deep religious faith and cultural prestige of local people through floral paintings, but also of spreading new meanings and artistic contents of friendship among communities of people. This event offers an extensive program for several days, suitable for youth and the elder.


The Monumenti Aperti Initiative

Spring is the moment in which culture wakes up again in Oristano. In the occasion of the Monumenti Aperti initiative (Open Monuments), wide room is given to the touristic-cultural valorization of the city, with specific events dedicated to the visit and discovery of the city’s monuments.

On this occasion, Oristano’s monuments and museums will not charge all visits, in order to provide Oristanese people and tourists alike with an extraordinary occasion for getting to know Oristano’s millennial history. Year after year, the manifestation gets enriched with new monuments as they are finally restored back to full condition, so the journey changes time after time, in order to provide visitors with always new perspectives.


A Walk in Torre Grande

Whenever Spring comes, Torre Grande comes to life again, and a walk along its promenade definitely becomes a must during springs in Oristano. The nearly 3 kilometers of beach located north of the Gulf of Oristano are so popular among local citizens and tourists visiting the city, also thanks to an efficient public transport service linking the city of Oristano with the lively Marina of Torre Grande.

The most imposing of all Sardinian coastal towers will accompany your walk along the tree-lined promenade, animated by kiosks and restaurants from which you may enjoy spectacular aperitifs, lunches and dinners by the sea.


Tour of the Old Town

There is certainly no shortage of architecture and monuments in Oristano, as well as of interesting museums and art galleries.A tour of the old town is definitely a must during the spring season.

The tour’s first stop will be at the Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta, the cathedral of Oristano, built on the ruins of a Byzantine place of worship, in which different architectural styles converge, acquired during the many renovations undergone over the centuries.

The tour will continue under the Tower of San Cristoforo (also known as Torre di Mariano II), after a salute to the statue of Giudicessa Eleonora d’Arborea. After a walk along the medieval walls which once guarded Oristano, the Municipal Art Gallery will complete the day you dedicate to art, with a journey which began in the distant nineteenth century.


Visiting nearby archeological sites

The province of Oristano is rich in archeological signs which any true history lover should never ever miss visiting.

Apart the so many Nuraghis located in this area, you have to visit the Parco Archeologico di Santa Cristina (where the homonymous “Pozzo Sacro” or sacred well stands), the Scavi dei Giganti of Mont’e Prama (the story of which is also told in Cabras’s Museo Civico), Tharros‘s archeological area and the Hotsprings of Fordongianus (of Roman origin).

Oristano e dintorni: Pozzo di Santa cristina