"Carlo Contini" Municipal Art Gallery

The “Carlo Contini” Municipal Art Gallery, in Oristano, is dedicated to Carlo Contini (Oristano 1903 – Pistoia 1970), the greatest Oristano-born artist of the twentieth century. It is housed in the ancient Giudicale hospital, the Hospitalis Sancti Antoni, in the homonymous street, together with the Municipal Library and in Terracotta, forming together with them, one of the most important and lively cultural centers of the Arborense city.

The Pinacoteca is divided into two sections, one dedicated to its permanent art collection (owned by the Municipality of Oristano), and another one for holding temporary exhibitions.

Apart from the many pictorial works of considerable historical and artistic value preserved at the Antiquarium Arborense, precisely at the Municipal House, much of the material was acquired during the years of activity of the old “Carlo Contini” Municipal Gallery.

The Pinacoteca features works by Giuseppe Biasi, Antonio Ballero, Felice Melis Marini, Mario Delitala, Pietro Antonio Manca, Melkiorre Melis, Carmelo Floris, Stanis Dessy, Giovanni Marras, Foiso Fois, Carlo Contini, by Dino Fantini, Antonio Atza, Ermanno Leinardi, by Antonio Corriga, Maria Lai, partly belonging to the Sanna Delogu Collection, partly received through targeted acquisitions by the Municipality, or from other donations.

In addition to its permanent collections, the Municipal Art Gallery is the home of temporary exhibitions and artists of great international prestige, as well as of some of the most important figures of the artistic landscape of the twentieth century in Sardinia.

Pinacoteca Comunale Oristano



Via Sant’Antonio, 09170 Oristano OR

Opening hours:

From Monday to Sunday 10:00 AM -1:00 PM | 4:30 PM – 7:30 PM


Adults € 10

Children (up to 6 years) free