Oristano in Autumn

Every season is ideal for visiting the city of Oristano. The city’s ideal position in the Campidano Arborense, between the waters of the Tirso river and the large Gulf of Oristano, together with its mild climate and millenary history, make it an interesting destination all year long, one that will never feel trivial.

With its immense wealth in terms of culture, art, history, nature, sports, and food and wine, Oristano offers its visitors a unique, new and fascinating experience, in all seasons.

One may just think about visiting the old town, the foundations of which date all the way back to the Middle Ages, in order to experience journeys through time made possible by many museums holding millenary treasures, seeing all the artisan workshops of potters telling of an ancient tradition going all the way back to the Neolithic, discovering of works of art preserved within the old walls of civil and religious buildings, being part of historical events held for centuries now, tasting typical dishes of tradition to be served based on seasons… all this is just a small part of what you can do here.

Winter, spring, summer, autumn makes no difference. It is always the right season to discover Oristano.

In this article, you will get to know everything about the best activities for making your autumn in Oristano truly memorable.


The Settembre Oristanese Festival

At the beginning of the autumn season, Oristano organizes its traditional Settembre Oristanese festival, for a month full of events between art, religion, entertainment, music and theater, offering to both tourists and residents numerous events linked to tradition and religious faith (such as the celebrations for the Madonna del Rimedio and for Santa Croce, Sant’Efisio and San Michele), but also sporting events ranging from basketball to chess and athletics, and the inevitable musical performances, such as those featuring typical songs of the Oristano tradition, and cultural events like the historical parade in period costumes.

A month full of events, allowing you to experience the very soul of Oristano.


Urban Trekking in Oristano

If you happen to visit the city of Oristano in Autumn, an urban trek in the old town is certainly due. Numerous communities of the past have walked over these grounds, leaving countless marks on monuments, art and even on food.

Starting from the central Piazza Duomo, where the ancient Cathedral stands out, through narrow streets between elegant historic buildings, you will get under the statue of Eleonora d’Arborea in the square bearing her own name, which stretches towards the Torre di Mariano. The sight of the artistic and archaeological beauties contained in the Municipal Art Gallery and in the Antiquarium Arborense Museum accompanies the senses of smell and taste, taking visitors to the discovery of everyday food and local festive days, among the pretty bistros of the city center.


Tour of Museums in Oristano

Apart from strolling among elegant palaces, imposing churches and monumental squares, Oristano also has many museums to visit, featuring archaeological finds of great importance, as well as works of art telling of a remote Sardinia. Thus, a museums tour is certainly due in Oristano during autumn.

The city’s main museums are the Antiquarium Arborense Museum, the most important museum in Oristano, and the Arborense Diocesan Museum. To these are added the “Carlo Contini” Art Gallery, where the works of nineteenth century artists are housed, the Library, in possession of plenty of ancient artifacts, and the Terracotta – Documentation Center on ceramics, one of the most important and lively cultural centers of the city.


The Route of Ceramics

Oristano is the City of Ceramics, and has been so since ancient times. Therefore, its Route of Ceramics follows the traditional production of this material, which still thrives today.

Terracotta, the Documentary Center on Ceramics inside the ancient Hospitalis Sancti Antoni, is the first obligatory stop for this tour, as it exhibits many artefacts, rites and functions on the art of Ceramics in Oristano, all within one multimedia itinerary. The tour continues on in the city center, where you will get to discover the colored ceramics on the roofs of the Duomo’s bell tower and on the Chiesa del Carmine. And finally, you just have to take a look at the small shops, where you will eventually meet the Figoli, the ceramic artisans who have scattered the center with their works.