Terracotta - Ceramics Documentation Center

The Terracotta Ceramics Documentation Center is located in the center of Oristano, in via Sant’Antonio, and is housed on the ground floor of the ancient Giudicale hospital (the Hospitalis Sancti Antoni), in the same building where the Municipal Library and the Carlo Contini Art Gallery are located.

It was born in 2018, with the aim of spreading the culture and art of ceramics, which, in Oristano, has an ancient tradition dating back to the Neolithic, and is testified by precious archaeological finds, starting from the 4th millennium BC.

Indeed, Oristano has also been renamed in Italy as the City of Ceramics, and since 2003, is part of the Italian Cities of Ceramics Association, which connects municipalities with an ancient and significant tradition in order to support, enhance and spread their mutual artistic, artisanal, economic and productive heritage.

Apart from the dissemination of tradition, Terracotta also has a didactic function, needed for making sure that the creative multiformity of clay will attract adults, young people and children alike.

In order to receive more information and schedule thematic visits and activities, please write at archiviostorico@comune.oristano.it.



Hospitalis Sancti Antoni – via Sant’Antonio s.n.c. – 09170 Oristano

Opening hours:

Every day of the year, including holidays (except December 25th, 26th and January 1st) 10 AM-1 PM and 4.00 PM -8.00 PM


Free entry.
Guided tours, seminars, exhibitions and educational workshops by appointment.