Church and convent of San Francesco

The church of San Francesco is one of the greatest classicist examples in all of the Island, a true treasure trove of art masterpieces. It is one of the symbols of nineteenth-century neoclassical art in Sardinia, although its early Gothic layout dates back to the thirteenth century. The church of San Francesco d’Assisi is located in the historic center of Oristano, a few steps away from the cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta (the Duomo), seat of the Franciscan friars who have been living in the nearby monastery since 1253. On the altar of the first chapel on the left you will admire a masterpiece of wooden art: the polychrome crucifix of Nicodemus (15th century). The work expresses excruciating agony, typical of German (later Spanish) Expressionism, and was the prototype of similar works in various churches on the Island.
📍 Via Duomo, 10