Arcais Palace

Wanted by Marquis Don Damiano Nurra, Palazzo Arcais is one of the great eighteenth-century palaces of the city. It is located in the heart of the city on Via Umberto I, known to the Oristano as the Straight Alley or Via Dritta, takes its name from two fish ponds, Arcai Mannu and Arcai Pittiu, owned by the Marquis and located in the Zerfaliu area. The facade of Palazzo Arcais is very simple: it is made of red trachyte stone, and its austerity is interrupted only by circular black balconies in wrought iron. Inside, the dome illuminates the entire hall and the circular stairs leading to the upper floors. Recently renovated, Palazzo Arcais is currently being used only for cultural events.

đź“Ť Corso Umberto I