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Oristano is the most important city in central-western Sardinia. With its blend of culture, art, history, nature, sports and gastronomy, Oristano offers its visitors a unique, fresh and captivating experience in every season. The city is located by the sea and welcomes thousands of tourists every year, attracted by its beautiful beaches, monuments and cultural attractions.

Oristano is also home to one of Europe’s oldest and most fascinating equestrian tournaments, held annually on the last Sunday and Tuesday of Carnival: Sa Sartiglia. Sa Sartiglia involves knights attempting to hit a target, the star, daring fate and then engaging in acrobatic maneuvers, three riders at a time, on their galloping horses.

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[Via Cagliari 155 – Oristano]

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Piazza Eleonora, 18 | +39 0783 308693

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Piazza Roma


Piazza Giovanni Corrias | +39 0783 791262


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Oristano still has so much to show you. In addition to being a city rich in history, culture and natural beauty, it is also a very interesting tourist destination thanks to the splendid places located just a few kilometers away. Discover the joys and unforgettable emotions of our territory at www.oristanoinfo.it